Heat Trace Cable

Phoenix Heat Technology provides the highest quality-controlled constant wattage heat trace cable on the market to date. It has endless applications in so many industries including temperature maintenance of piping systems, freeze protection for tanks, roof and gutter deicing. The quality of our product speaks for itself, as our constant wattage cable still operates optimally in industries that we sold to 20 years ago. Our industrial grade, constant wattage heat trace cable is capable of heating up to 200F (93C), which qualifies as a medium grade, and we can custom-build the cable using a variety of buss wire sizes, all voltages, a wide range of cable wattages, and optional FEP over-jackets. Just Call (830) 560-3277 to order the longest lasting heat trace cable on the market today!

Installation Kits

Phoenix Provides some select tools used in the installation process, such as connection kits and bases. However, we rely on our distributors to supply their customers with full design functionality such as thermostats, controllers and the like.


No matter the scale of your electrical heat tracing projects, Phoenix can provide you with a custom manufactured cable to meet your needs. Since 1995, Phoenix Heat Technology has been serving the construction, shipping, and oil industry with their heat tracing projects ranging from refrigeration and building to transportation and petrochemical applications. Phoenix constant wattage cable is recognized by it’s extremely long life in the field. Our first customers from 1995 are just now replacing their cable, but not because it has failed, but because the equipment it was being used on is now needing replacement! A cable that outlasts the equipment it is working on is truly a rare find. When properly installed, our cable can last upwards of 20+ years. Whether you are trying to winterize your home, plant, or equipment, or you are trying to maintain the operational temperature of a piping system, Phoenix Heat Trace Cable is the most logical choice for you.