Residential Heat Cable


VGT16 Residential Heat Cable

6 Watts/Ft on 120 Volt

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Number of Feet:

The perfect tool for deicing and pipe heating! We want you to have the best solution, the best quality, and the best service! You’ll feel the QUALITY and DURABILITY from the moment you open up the package, it will be STRONG CABLE, TOUGH, DURABLE, yet FLEXIBLE enough to bend around pipes or around objects. Made from long-lasting, INDUSTRIAL GRADE materials used in the HEAT TRACE INDUSTRY all purchased inside the United States! INSTALLATION LOCATIONS include roofs, pipes, gardens, floors, walls, septic lines, and so many more! 5 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED!

✔ CHOOSE YOUR LENGTH – 6 Watts/Ft – 120 Volt – Industrial grade Heat Cable by Phoenix Heat Technology manufactured with Industrial Grade materials Made t0 Last!

✔ OUR QUALITY – Our Heat Cable has ground fault protection, and is made with FEP Insulation, able to withstand 400°F. The Buss wires carrying the power through the cable are 16 Gauge Copper Wire ensuring the cable produces enough heat at the end of the run. Our heat cable has lasted consistently in the field for 20+ years.

✔ JUST THE RIGHT SIZE – We understand that with any industrial grade heat trace cable, bendability of the cable is always an issue. That’s why our design uses smaller buss wires, and no overjacket to maximize YOUR ability to maneuver around piping, down spouts, and any other application you see for this heat cable.

✔ EASY TO USE – Most importantly our cable is so easy to use.


Braided Cable Dimensions:

..223″ – Width

.167″ – Thickness