Oil and Gas Industry

The applications in the oil and gas industry are endless. Safety is compromised when ice is present on floors, escape passages, walkways, staircases, etc... and heat trace is required in order to ensure areas such as these don't freeze over in colder climates. The more obvious applications include any water piping systems that are exposed to the weather, as well as oil and gas piping used to transport the crude from place to place. Freeze protection is a must for offshore drilling sites and many onshore drilling sites, especially when in a colder climate.


For flow temperature maintenance, constant wattage cable is your best solution. An FEP overjacket makes our heat trace withstand any chemical, and greatly increases the mechanical advantage and life of the cable. For any paraffin problems, or other reactive minerals, Phoenix's FEP overjacket will be able to withstand any and all reactive substances.